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How Should I Store My Dirt Bike?

diciembre 10, 2021 7 lectura mínima

How Should I Store My Dirt Bike?

So, you’re wondering how to store your dirt bike safely. That’s pretty expected, considering a dirt bike can be a huge investment.

While it may seem as if storing your dirt bike is as simple as storing any motorcycle, there are several tips you should follow to protect and preserve the unit.

You should store your dirt bike inside a covered area such as a garage, shed, or storage unit. Also, make sure you keep it vertical, preferably on a stand, and if storing for any length of time make sure to use a fuel stabilizer. 

If you don’t have a garage or a designated storage room, you can place your motocross bike inside a trailer, provided that it is in an upright position.

All these recommendations for the protection of your dirt bike are imperative. With that, it is essential to execute the proper preparation prior with regard to choosing your dirt bike storage area.

Ways to store a dirt bike

Why Is It Bad for a Dirt Bike to Be Left Outside?

It is not the most ideal choice to leave your dirt bike outside due to safety and weather reasons.

For one, it attracts thieves leaving valuable stuff outside that’s easily moveable. Having it outside will only make it easier for burglars to steal.

On the other hand, if you leave your dirt bike outside, you are exposing it to the elements. Rain, snow, excessive moisture, excessive sunlight… all of these elements are not good for the plastic, the seat, and especially the mechanical/moving parts of the bike.

Leaving a dirt bike outside will make it break down and deteriorate at a much faster rate. It could also attract any number of unknown scenarios like mice or other critters finding it and making a home somewhere on it.

Can You Store a Dirt Bike Inside?

Yes, you can definitely store your dirt bike inside your house or any structure.

While it’s known that dirt bikes are designed to withstand the rough conditions of the outdoors, when it comes to storage, keeping them inside is still ideal.

Here are some of the common places in or around your home where you can store your dirt bike.

Dirt bike stand.


Your garage is essentially where you keep your vehicles. So, naturally, that includes your dirt bike. Home garages are designed with safety in mind.

Not only does it secure your dirt bike, but you can also take it in and out easily, considering the garage is next to your driveway. If you have all your tools in the garage, then that simply proves that it’s the best place for your dirt bike as they do require regular maintenance.


Some houses are designed with a utility-style walkout basement. You could convert that space into moto storage. You just have to be careful starting your bike inside your home as internal combustion engines create an exhaust that can be deadly if that’s all you’re breathing in. 


There is a chance that your house may not come with a garage. If that’s the case, a dedicated shed for your dirt bike is a great alternative.

A shed is usually detached from your house, but it can be secured using solid locks. So, even if it’s not part of the main structure, you can still keep your dirt bike safe and out of the elements using a shed.

How to store a dirt bike.

How Do You Store a Dirt Bike Without a Garage?

If your house doesn’t have the above-mentioned storage options for your dirt bike, there are still a few options you can consider.

For example, you can ask a friend if they would allow temporary storage of your dirt bike in their garage. However, this may not be feasible for you or them so consider the following alternative storage places.

Storage Unit

A storage unit can house your dirt bike, depending on the dimensions of the space. Most storage units allow vehicles like dirt bikes, but of course, you have to check first with the establishment.

Aside from your dirt bike, you can also store your gear and accessories. Think of it as a hub for all your dirt biking equipment.

However, one downside of this setup is that your storage unit may be quite far from your house or your ideal riding location. This can make it a hassle to do something fun resulting in you losing interest in the hobby. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.

Enclosed Dirt Bike Trailer

You may feel uncomfortable storing your dirt bike away from your home. If that’s the case, you can choose to place your dirt bike inside a spacious enclosed trailer designed for motocross bikes.

Basically, your dirt bike will be stationed outside your house. But instead of leaving it out in the open, it is strategically enclosed inside the trailer.

In this scenario you may want to consider getting adirt bike transport system to act as a quick connect for your bike. That way its only a matter of seconds to snap the bike in or out of the trailer keeping the enclosed trailer usable for other necessary means.

Storing dirt bike in enclosed trailer.

Can You Store a Dirt Bike on Its Side?

It is not okay to lay a dirt bike on its side during storage, there are too many systems that rely on some type of fluid, oil, or grease and are designed for the upright vertical position.

It is highly recommended to keep your dirt bike upright when you store it and the best way to do that is with a dirt bike stand. This will take any unnecessary pressure off of the suspension and the tires.

Here are two great options in dirt bike stands that we offer right here at Risk Racing:

ATS MX Stand

The ATS MX stand allows your dirt bike to maintain a uniform level as opposed to the traditional stand that can leave one tire still touching the ground. This is perfectly possible as this stand is adjustable, making the front and rear tire levels equal no matter the make and model of dirt bike you put on it.

On top of that, the ATS MX stand is made of durable materials, ensuring that is will last for a long time. It features magnetic side panels that help keep all the nuts and bolts you remove from the bike during maintenance easily accounted for.

A.T.S. Stand

RR1 Ride On Lift

One of the burdens in storing your dirt bike using a bike stand is the constant lifting and grunting of physically putting your dirt bike on and off the stand. However, this problem doesn’t exist with the RR1 Ride on Lift.

This top-notch bike stand is designed so that you can simply ride your bike over the collapsed stand and then as you step off, you use your bodyweight down onto a foot lever to raise the stand and bike together up into place.

The RR1 Ride on Lift is designed with very sturdy construction, yet it’s lightweight so that you can move it around it easily.


How Do I Prepare My Dirt Bike for Storage?

Riders usually enter the storage phase for their dirt bike when the winter season is approaching. Others look at dirt bikes as an every once in a while hobby and do more storing then riding.

You will want to use a battery tender or trickle charger to maintain the life of your dirt bikes battery while not in use. 

You will have to remove the battery from the bike or install a quick connect and then keep it plugged into the charger during the off season. Without doing so, you will come back to a dead battery that may not take a charge again.

When your getting read to store your dirt bike, make sure to take time to clean it first, and do some basic maintenance like cleaning and lubricating parts and checking fluid levels.

That way, any build up of unwanted materials either in your oil, in your air filter, or even just on the plastic surfaces doesn’t sit and become a more permanent part of the bike. 

When that next riding season comes along, you can be confident that you bike is ready to go with just a minimum visual inspection. 

What to do to a dirt bike before storing it.

Is It Better to Store a Motorcycle With or Without Gas?

The amount of work it would take to completely dry out a motorcycle and completely remove all of the gas is just not worth doing when there are very easy to use products that are designed to be poured into your fuel tank to make your current gas storable.

Storing a motorcycle or a dirt bike with gas depends on the length of the storage.

For shorter periods of storage, you should be fine storing it with fuel in the tank and not doing anything special. But if you are putting your bike away for the winter or a similar longer duration, you need to add  a fuel stabilizer that is designed to not let the gas break down or corrosion to occur.

Fuel stabilizer for storing dirt bikes.

In a Nutshell

Storing your dirt bike shouldn’t be done haphazardly. It requires a proper strategy in terms of placement, positioning, and equipment.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to ensure the safety of your dirt bike, you have to keep it inside, preferably in your garage. However, if a garage is unavailable, you can always keep your dirt bike inside a trailer.

Nonetheless, wherever you choose to store your bike, you have to use a dirt bike stand to keep your bike steady and safe from spills or accidental falls. Consider using the ATS MX Stand or RR1 Ride on Lift.

Are you looking for more dirt biking accessories? Check out our top-notch products right here atRisk Racing

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