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How Do You Clean Dirt Bike Goggles and Lenses?

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How Do You Clean Dirt Bike Goggles and Lenses?

Dirt bike goggles are essential accessories that keep your sight protected when you ride. So, it’s only fitting, not to mention necessary, to keep them clean after every use.

However, considering dirt bike goggles are made of softer, flexible, and breakable materials, cleaning your goggles and lens will require a great deal of care.

For starters, using abrasive chemicals when washing your dirt bike goggles can cause some irreversible damage.

Using soap and water to clean dirt bike goggles and lenses is the best way to go. Soapy water is fairly mild, keeping your dirt bike goggle’s lens safe.

Moreover, dish soap is a universal cleaner that quickly removes specks of dust and grime. Plus, most dish soaps have antimicrobial properties.

If you are wondering how to take good care of your dirt bike goggles, making them functional for a long time, stick around and read on.

Motocross Goggles

How Do You Take Care of Goggles?

Taking care of your goggles involves the proper way of cleaning the gear and using it appropriately during your ride.

Your goggles have to be worn with the straps and frame in place. With that, make sure that the dirt bike goggles are comfortable to wear and the lenses provide optimum visibility. 

Set aside storage for your goggles, such as a pouch or a case. Never leave it in places where it can easily fall off.

After every use, make sure to clear out any mud or dirt from the lens. Gently scrape clumps of grime with your hand and use soapy water to clean the frame and lens thoroughly.

Why Are My Goggles Blurry?

Your goggles will become blurry mostly due to condensation wherein fog covers the lens.

Also, when riding a muddy track, there is a high chance that mud splatter will cover your goggles. If the tear-offs are not entirely in place, some mud can get on the next film making your view blurry.

Another possible reason for blurry dirt bike goggles is streaks or scratches acquired during the ride. If your lens is not scratch-resistant, then you’ll probably have an obstructed view.

To ensure that your motocross goggles don’t get foggy, get a pair with anti-fog and scratch resistance properties.

Risk Racing V2 Goggles

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Dirt Bike Goggles?

It’s pretty much expected that you should clean your dirt bike goggles or any other accessories after you use them.

If your goggles are left uncleaned with cakes of mud stuck on the lens, it could easily get damaged. It would sustain scratches and cracks.

Moreover, you will be at risk of eye infection if you use goggles that are not regularly cleaned.

Ripper Goggle Clearing/Cleaning System

How Do You Clean a Dirt Bike Goggle Lens?

Dirt bike riders have different ways of cleaning and maintaining their goggles. Most are pretty standard, but some ways could eventually lead to cracks and deterioration not just of the lenses but also of the google parts.

Here are different means of cleaning dirt bike goggle lenses.

1. Water and Dish Soap

The classic cleaning combo of water and soap remains the most recommended way of cleaning a dirt bike goggle lens.

Water is enough to clear the lens of grime and dust. With the help of soap, greasy mud can wear off easily.

If the dirt attached to the lens is stuck hard, soak the goggles for a while instead of forcefully scraping them off.

2. Lens Cleaner

Lens cleaners are all the rave nowadays. You can find a particular lens cleaner for windows or laptop screens.

Some dirt bike riders use cleaners like Windex to polish their goggle lens. Although this could be effective as far as cleaning is concerned, there is an issue with how these chemicals can damage the integrity of the lens.

If you want to use a lens cleaner, make sure it is mild and not abrasive.

3. Water and Peroxide

Peroxide is another chemical used not just to dissolve grime and dirt but also to disinfect the entire gear. It is commonly mixed with water at a 50/50 ratio. However, constantly using the said chemical can also damage the lenses in the long run.

How to clean motocross goggles

What Is the Best Way to Clean Motocross Goggles?

There’s no doubt, using water and soap is the best way to clean motocross goggles. It’s safe for the lens, keeping it free from chemical damage. Plus, it’s milder and proven effective in cleaning off heavy mud and grime.

Here are some steps you can follow in cleaning your motocross goggles thoroughly.

  1.      After your ride, grab a bottle of water and simply wash off the dirt and debris from the lens and frame.
  2.      Dry the lens gently and put it inside a protective case.
  3.      Once you’re home, disassemble the goggles by separating the lens from the frame.
  4.      You can soak the frame and strap in soapy water for cleaning and disinfection. Dry it off right after.
  5.      With the lens, wash it down again. But this time, use soapy water and then rinse it.
  6.      Get a microfiber cloth, and carefully pat the lens dry.

Motocross Goggles

Looking for Googles That Don’t Easily Crack? Check These Out!

One of the main issues when cleaning your dirt bike goggles is the risk of your lens cracking.

Dirt bike lenses can be fragile, especially when exposed to chemicals. They can easily break or get brittle, which requires immediate change. After all, you won’t be able to focus on the track if your lens has a defect.

So, aside from properly cleaning your dirt bike goggles, make sure to buy one that is high quality first.

Risk Racing’s JAC Series MX Goggles

Here at Risk Racing, we designed all of our Motocross products to withstand the rough conditions of a motocross track and our goggles are no exception.

The technology incorporated in these dirt bike goggles ensures high visibility levels and sun protection. Plus, you are sure to feel comfortable with the foam layer included in the frame.

When you get yourself a pair of MX goggles, either the Joyride and Conquer (JAC) V1 or V2, it comes with a microfiber bag you can use for cleaning and storage.  

JAC Goggles

JAC goggles offer lenses that provide a wide view for any rider.

It’s lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and easy to wear. The straps are made of silicone, and an additional foam layer is in place to relieve pressure.

When you buy JAC goggles, you can expect lenses that have an anti-fog element and materials resistant to scratch. After all, the goggles have Lexan lenses made to withstand different types of damages.

JAC Goggles 

JAC V2 Goggles

If you want dirt bike goggles with advanced lenses, then the JAC V2 goggles will suit you well. 

The main lenses are tinted with filters that block harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. In the same way, it reduces the glare that could distract you when you ride on bright sunny days.

One of the best features of the JAC V2 goggles is that it has four tear-off pins you could just rip when mud or dirt covers the lenses. In addition, the motion will ensure that only one film is removed and not the entire stack.

Moreover, these goggles also guarantee easy lens-swaps and anti-fog properties. Plus, the lenses are scratch-resistant and ensure visual clarity, given that the goggles use HD Revo Lens.

JAC V2 Goggles

JAC V2 Goggle Lenses

In a Nutshell

Cleaning your dirt bike lenses is not complicated. In fact, it’s one of the simplest tasks you do which is related to maintaining your dirt bike gear and accessories.

Likewise, you don’t need any fancy mixture or tools, just grab a dish soap and gently clean the lenses, frame, and strap. Again, avoid using strong chemicals at all costs. Otherwise, you may end up with dirt bike goggles that can easily break.

Also, wipe the lenses with microfiber and let them dry to avoid fungal build-up, especially in the strap.

Taking care of your dirt bike goggles guarantees that your investment for the said gear is worth it. Hence, don’t miss out on cleaning and storing them properly.

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