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Risk Racing® “BLACK EDITION” - Premium Hose Bender

novembre 15, 2022 2 min read

hose bender pr header featuring multiple utility jug hoses at different stages of use

A premium spout for any utility jug!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – TROUTMAN, NC – Risk Racing is proud to release the latest evolution of their successful utility jug spout, the new “BLACK EDITION”- Premium Hose Bender.  

This new rendition of the Hose Bender represents our commitment to product refinement. This beast of a spout is constructed from a new HDPE Rubber ensuring it is harsh chemical, and UV Ray resistant. This new material has been tested and proven to stay soft over extended use and outperform any clear PVC Hose most commonly found on other Utility Jugs.   

The “BLACK EDITION”- Premium Hose Bender will still sport all the same amenities as our previous design. Including the CNC anodized aluminum cap, which offers a threaded design and an O-Ring seal to prevent leaks.  RISK took the design a step further with a compression flange and O-Ring seal where the spout threads into the jug, preventing any leaks between the spout and the can. Furthermore, the cap and lanyard create a natural bend to the hose.  This bend is what makes it easy to place your spout into your fill tank without spilling fluids.  It also makes pulling the hose out of the tank easy, reducing spilling and spraying when your tank is full, and you need a quick exit. 

Located at the end of the spout is the ingenious “Stability Hook”.  This hook rests on the lip of the tank being filled and helps stabilize and control your utility jug while pouring.  This simple but innovative design feature is a huge asset when filling any tank.

Thread the new and improved Hose Bender universal spout onto the RISK Racing EZ Utility Jugs, or any other powersports style utility jug with a ¾” thread in the cap.

The Risk Racing “BLACK EDITION”- Hose Bender Spout is available now for only $22.99.  Ask for it at your local dealer or purchase them at riskracing.com.  To learn more about Risk Racing, or to become a retailer of Risk Racing products, call 704-508-1031 or visit riskracing.com


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