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Nutrition and Training Tips for Motocross

settembre 09, 2022 5 min read

Motocross rider getting ungeared from riding a dirt bike ride. They have a bag of iRide Supplements Protein for a recovery drink post exercise.

Want to know the tips that set the motocross pros apart from the amateurs? It’s no secret that nutrition and training play a pivotal part in making sure you’re competing in top form, but with so much information at your fingertips, how do you know what to listen to?

Well, after years in motocross; sourcing only equipment and supplements we trust for motocross, we've done the hard part for you in this department. All you have to do is keep reading to get the best tips for motocross nutrition and training to elevate your performance and send you into beast mode at races.

First, ask:

How Do I Train My Body for Motocross

Just like riding ruts, when it comes to training your body, balance and commitment are everything. You need to incorporate a good balance of the following disciplines into your everyday life to achieve the best results. Focus on: 

  • Core and Back Exercises
  • Leg Exercises
  • Upper body Exercises
  • Cycling
  • Stretching 
  • Balanced Diet

 Motocross athlete stretching before a workout. They have a bag of iRide Supplement's Rocket Fuel Pre-Workout in front of them to mix into some water for an energy boost for a more effective workout.  

Do Core and Back Exercises

Nothing will kill your performance more than a weak core. You’re spending a lot of time in extreme conditions hunched over the handlebars, this is not a sport for the spineless so you need to improve core strength by doing:

  • Pillars
  • Side Pillars 
  • Squats
  • Hip Extensions 
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Prone Cobra
  • X-up Crunches
  • Burpees 

Pro motocross rider Ken Roczen doing core strengthening exercises in a gym with dumbbells' and barbells racked in the background.

Do Leg Exercises 

It goes without saying that when you’re on the track you're spending a lot of time on your legs and squeezing the bike, you need to make sure your legs can endure the ride by doing these key leg exercises.

  • Anterior reaches 
  • Squats
  • Kick-through Pressh
  • Hip-Flexor Squeezes
  • Calf raises 

Do Upper Body Exercises

It’s always best to maintain a balanced exercise regimen and the best thing to do is keep a high rep count and a low weight, especially when training your upper body; the bulk is not your friend, my friend. The goal is not to bulk up because this means more weight for you and your bike to carry throughout the ride. Here are the most beneficial upper-body exercises for motocross.

  • Bench press 
  • Bird-Dog 
  • Pull-ups 
  • Chin-Ups

Do a lot of Cycling

It’s similar to motocross but different in the sense that if you can stay on a bike when your legs are the only accelerator then this will definitely improve your motocross fitness. Here are the different types of cycling you can try:

  • Mountain Biking
  • BMX Biking 
  • Road Biking
  • Track Biking 
  • Cyclocross Biking 
  • Descent Biking

Man riding a drop bar road bike in an aero cycling suit and helmet, standing up on the pedals to ride faster during the training session

Always Stretch Properly 

You spent all that time in PE class stretching, don’t disregard it now when you need it most. Stretching is the best way to keep your body flexible and agile. You never want to take the risk of pulling a muscle because you weren’t ready for the ride. Incorporate these stretches into your routine:

  • Child’s Pose 
  • Cobra Pose 
  • Hip Flexor Stretch 
  • Toe Grabs 
  • Extended Arms 
  • Arms Circles 
  • Neck Rolls 

Maintain a Balanced Diet 

Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean you have to kiss fast food goodbye and live off a caveman’s diet, balance is the key word we look at. Being an athlete means that your body needs to remain in peak condition to compete, and this requires you to have a balanced diet in the form of a combination of: 

  • Proteins - to ensure your body is building lean muscle
  • Fats - to provide you with vital energy
  • Carbohydrates - to decrease your recovery time after exercise 
  • Fiber - to ensure your digestive system is running smoother than your bike’s hydraulics 
  • Supplements - to ensure your body is absorbing all necessary nutrients and minerals like iRide Motocross/Mountain Bike Supplements
  • Water - to ensure that you are properly hydrated and that all your bodily functions are running in peak condition 

Motocross rider pushing there bike with their RISK Racing A.T.S. stand resting on their kickstarter for transport. The rider has a bag of iRide Supplements Hydro Fuel and a RISK Racing/iRide shaker bottle on the tailgate of their truck to get electrolytes in their system before riding.

Something that always comes hand in hand with your training is the challenge you’ll always face in motocross;

How Can I Improve My Dirt Bike Endurance 

Your ability to compete in Motocross is not solely based on speed, but the greater challenge and skill that will set you apart from the crowd is endurance. Improving your endurance takes a combination of physical and mental strength, which can be improved by: 

  • Staying Hydrated
  • Avoid Arm Pump
  • Be Consistent 
  • Challenge Yourself During Training
  • Take A Good Pre-Workout 
  • Get Seat Time 

Stay Hydrated 

When you’re out on the track putting your body through the most, you’re going to be losing a lot of fluids. However you don’t want to be on the track and feel the urge to go, so the best way to ensure you’re staying well hydrated is to boost your electrolyte intake. A great source of electrolytes is iRide Hydro Fuel Electrolyte Mix. Set a goal to consume:

  • At least 2 Litres of fluid 2-3 hours before races and practices
  • 16 ounces before getting to the starting gate with Hydro Fuel to give the body a boost of electrolytes.

iRide Supplements Hydro Fuel sitting on the seat of a dirt bike seat at a motocross track

Take a Good Pre-workout 

If you’re not using pre-workout then you’re missing out on a whole new level of energy that sustains your training regime. Try incorporating a good Pre-Workout product like iRide Rocket Fuel - Pre-Workout Mix . Just like the catchphrase says “It’s like rocket fuel for humans”.

iRide Supplements Rocket Fuel bag sitting on a table with the scoop outside of the bag resting on an upside down bowl with the powered overflowing over the top of the scoop.

Always Eat Your Greens 

While you do need to ensure you’re keeping a balanced diet, full of rich leafy green vegetables, these are not the greens I’m talking about. To make sure that you’re on top form for motocross races; incorporate a Greens Powder into your diet. This will provide your body with all the essential vitamins your body needs to make the ride and training. iRide Greens MX Supplement - Prevention and Support is a delicious green apple-flavored Greens powder to make consuming all essential vitamins and minerals enjoyable. 

Motocross rider mixing iRide Supplements Greens Powder into a shaker bottle in the morning, to keep his digestive system, and immune system healthy.

Avoid Arm Pump by Staying Relaxed

It’s every Motocross athlete’s worst nightmare; arm pump. This can easily be avoided by staying as relaxed as possible throughout the race. When you start to feel yourself start to tense up, make a mental note to take a breath and relax your posture.

Push Yourself During Training

Can training sessions be fun? Yes. Can they be brutal? Absolutely! Training is where you build your endurance & speed. If it’s all fun and no challenge, you’re doing it wrong. Try riding on the sand to put your skills, body, and bike in difficult conditions to increase your endurance. You’re not going to see improvement by staying comfortable. Take up the challenge, show that loose dirt who’s boss.

Motocross rider mid training session. The rider is doing a 2x 20 minute 80% race pace moto. Followed by a 1x10 sprint moto.

Be consistent. 

Endurance does not come naturally to everybody, it needs to be built up through consistency in everything that you do, from the way you’re fueling your body to the way you’re training it before the ride and then actually getting out onto the track and riding your bike. 

How you train and provide your body with the necessary nutrients will dramatically impact your performance in Motocross racing. Get the best out of your races and improve your competitive edge by maintaining a balanced diet, staying hydrated, taking necessary supplements, stretching, and challenging yourself during practices.

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