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Why Do Some Dirt Bikes Not Have Kickstands?

mayo 20, 2022 5 lectura mínima

Dirt bike resting on it's own two wheels in a garage because it has a kickstand installed

You may have noticed a major difference between the different varieties of dirt bikes on the market. Some of the older versions of dirt bikes have kickstands and most of the newer dirt bikes do not have kickstands. Why is this and how can you still get the most out of your dirt bike?

The main reason for dirt bikes to not have kickstands is to reduce the weight of the overall bike. Having a lighter bike means the rider can move faster within a race or out on a trail, etc. Additionally, less weight on the dirt bike allows the rider to turn, change speed and handle the bike much more easily. 

For some dirt bike riders, the sleek appearance of a bike without a kickstand is a determining factor to their bike purchase, as this has become a popular look. For others, it is highly important that there is no kickstand due to the many practical benefits that this affords the rider. Keep reading to find out why dirt bikes are now often made without kickstands, learn how you can transition to a bike without a kickstand, and discover products like the ATS MX dirt bike stand that make a kickstand-less life a whole lot easier.

Dirt bike resting on a risk racing A.T.S. Stand at a motocross track.

Why Dirt Bikes Don’t Have Kickstands

If you think back to riding a bike as a child, you will surely remember always having a kickstand on your bike. Transitioning to a dirt bike was a piece of cake, because, back in the day, dirt bikes typically also had kickstands. This, however, began to change fairly rapidly as speed became more of a factor in the competitive sport of motocross racing. Let’s discuss the reasons that manufacturers ditched this seemingly important piece. 

The Lighter the Bike, The Faster the Ride

Whether you are hoping to win a motocross race or enjoy the thrill of a ride through the desert, speed is a major factor. For the fastest ride possible, riders try to shave off as much weight as they can, allowing their bikes to function at a quicker speed with less strain. Manufacturers began to build dirt bikes without kickstands to help their bikes reach higher speeds when desired. This quickly became the sought-after model of dirt bikes, and it is now more commonly seen than not.  

Motocross rider mid air whipping his red honda. There is no kick stand installed on the motorcycle so it's as light as possible for maneuvering around the track.

Less To Get Caught On

With higher speed comes less ability to swerve away from unforeseen objects and vegetation. Many dirt bike enthusiasts ride in areas with bushes, plants, rocks, etc. These types of terrains can offer great fun and a wild ride, but they also come with hazards. Dirt bikes without kickstands have one less thing to worry about when it comes to getting caught on something external. Riders won’t have to stress about accidentally getting a random stick caught in the kickstand, etc. 

Getting Rid of False Security

It is so easy to see a kickstand and quickly rely on it to hold the weight of a bike. Unfortunately, most dirt bikes are far too heavy to actually be secure with just a regular kickstand, especially on uneven unpacked terrain. This provides a safety risk for not only harming the bike but also potentially injuring anyone standing by that the bike may fall on. Kickstands can offer a false sense of security to an unsuspecting rider and should be avoided for longer holds or holds during maintenance work.

Achieving The Look

With any sport comes popular designs. Within the motocross world, it is considered more on trend to go with a sleek and understated appearance, getting rid of the kickstand. This look goes a long way when considering the undeniable benefit of speed, but also with appearing to have that competitive edge of looking the part.

Risk racing's european riders lined up sitting one there dirt bikes posing in risk racing ventilate v2 gear. Showing off their moto style which involves not having kick stands on their bikes.

Tips For Riding a Dirt Bike Without a Kickstand

With all of the benefits to dirt bike ownership without kickstands, it is clear why so many riders prefer this type of bike over the older models. Of course, those transitioning from a bike with a kickstand might hit a little learning curve during their first rides with their new bike. The good news is riding your bike will actually be easier without the kickstand, as there is less to get in the way of your boots, etc. 

Probably the main curiosity of riders transitioning to no kickstand is how to hold up their bike if it doesn’t come with such a mechanism to do so. Being able to maintain a bike in a stand-up position is crucial to performing necessary maintenance and to aid in the process of simply getting ready for a ride. There are multiple options available for riders to choose from when going about this task. We’ve got some advice for those looking to make the change to a faster, more secure ride.

How Do You Stand Up a Bike Without a Kickstand?

For the rider on a tight budget, leaning the bike against a wall or other hard surface can be a temporary measure that would help your bike stand solely. Unfortunately, this does risk your bike tipping over becoming scratched or damaged from slipping or leaning on such a surface. This can then require costly or frustrating repairs to your dirt bike. This method is not recommended but can be useful if you are in a pinch. 

The Best Stand Available for Your Dirt Bike

Risk Racing offers high quality motocross accessories and necessary tools for every dirt bike on the market. Within our premium options comes the A.T.S. Adjustable Top Magnetic Dirt Bike Stand. This stand thinks of all of the needs you and your bike may have.

Yamaha WR250F resting on a risk racing A.T.S. Stand. This bike comes with a kickstand stock but the owner of the bike has removed it for the reasons listed above.

With an adjustable top, the A.T.S. Bike Stand allows you to angle your bike, off the ground, in any way you see fit. Dirt bikes come in many shapes and sizes and will need a stand that can adjust to their particular design. The height you will be able to achieve will allow for easy cleaning and maintenance without needing an extra extender. This is not possible if using just a traditional kickstand. 

A.T.S. Motocross stand showing how it is ablle to adjust the angle of it's top plate so it can counteract the angle of the frame of your dirt bike so both wheels are off the ground

In addition to the benefit of adjustable height, the A.T.S. Bike Stand also offers the luxury of a magnetic bolt panel. This panel can attract any bolts, nuts and other similar items that you may be using during bike maintenance, taking away the usual frustration of losing such small items. This can save you time and mental energy in your repairs!

Risk racings motocross stand showing how it's unique magnetic design is able to hold bolts and tools while working on your bike.

Unlike simply leaning your bike against a wall, the A.T.S. Bike Stand has a rubber top that will keep your bike safe from scratches and pricey damages. Under the rubber top, it is well-designed with powder coated steel to allow for durability and a sturdy balance. These components will save you money and frustration in the long run. The A.T.S. Bike Stand is a great option for your biking needs and allows for greater safety than a kickstand. 

Final Thoughts

Every motocross rider has different priorities and preferences. However, the majority of dirt bike owners nowadays do agree on one small item: they do not want a kickstand on their bike. The benefits of not having a kickstand have been shown to clearly outweigh any perceived drawbacks. This largely undebated consensus has led to the majority of dirt bikes being manufactured today to be made without kickstands, allowing the rider freedom to choose what options are best for holding their bikes up.

For the safest, most secure, and most durable option in bike stands, Risk Racing has you covered. The A.T.S. Dirt Bike Stand can take care of all of your wants and needs, whether you are a motocross professional or weekend rider looking to enjoy your time outdoors. We care about riders and look to achieve the best in quality dirt bike care.

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