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What is the Best Dirt Bike to Buy? and How to Choose One

abril 04, 2022 6 lectura mínima

Husqvarna, honda, and ktm dirt bikes lined up on risk racing A.T.S. Stands

Dirt bikes can be a lot of fun to ride, and they are the perfect way to spend a fun day at the sand dunes, on the forest trails, or at the track. Dirt bikes are fun for all ages.

The right dirt bike for your needs should be comfortable for your height and weight and you should feel confident in your abilities when you ride it. The best dirt bike will have good balance, fit you well, and have the right amount of power to match your riding capabilities.

There are many kinds of dirt bikes on the market, and they are made for many different types of activities. You will need to do some research before you find the perfect bike for your needs. Read on to learn more about what is the best dirt bike to buy.

yamaha, ktm, kawasaki, husqvarna, honda, and gas gas lined up in a row for comparison. All bikes sit atop Risk Racing A.T.S. Stands.

How Do I Pick the Right Dirt Bike?

There are some important considerations that you need to make when you are shopping for the best dirt bike for your needs. You should take all of these things into consideration when you are picking out the best dirt bike for your needs. Choosing to neglect any of these features can lead to problems down the road.

·        Riding Experience

You always need to think about your riding experience. Beginners should be paired with beginner bikes. You can invest in a bike that is better suited for your experience level down the road as you grow in experience with riding dirt bikes.

Buying the right bike for your riding experience is easy if you are honest about your abilities. Buying a bike for an inexperienced child rider is a different process than buying a bike for an adult who has not ridden many dirt bikes. You will need to remember that your long-term riding plans for you or your child should not guide the purchase of your beginner dirt bike.

·        Your Height

Size is a huge factor when you are picking out the best dirt bike for you. You cannot safely ride a bike that does not fit you, and you should never try to. This applies if the bike is too small or too big for you.

You can always get help fitting bikes to your height at a store that sells the bike that you are considering buying. If you need to fit the bike on your own, you need to be sure that you can’t set your feet completely flat on the ground when you are sitting on the seat.  Likewise, if you have to lean the bike to one side and can only just barely touch your tippy-toes when you are seated on the bike, it is too tall for you.

The right size bike will allow you to be able to put one-third of your foot on the ground to balance. You might be the same height as someone but not be able to ride the same dirt bike safely. The length of your legs can make a big difference when you are picking the right dirt bike for your needs. If it seems like you are in-between sizes or really close to fitting a bike,  keep in mind that the suspension on almost every dirt bike is adjustable.

Young motocross rider learning to ride on the appropriately sized motorcycle. The height and power output is well suited for the riders abilities. The young rider is learning to ride as a parent watches and instructs them.

·        Your Weight

The suspension of the bike has a lot to do with the fit of the bike. The suspension is linked to the size of the engine of the bike as well. If you weigh 150 pounds or less you will probably want to get a bike that is 250cc or less. This will make for a good balance between power, balance, and fit.

Even if your weight dictates that you can ride something that is 450cc, you may not be experienced enough to ride a bike of this size. Make sure that you choose the right weight bike for your experience level as well as your weight.

·        Dirt Bikes For Kids

For kids who are 15 years of age and younger, you will need to consider weight, height, and riding experience with the added consideration that you don’t want to put your child on a bike that they cannot learn comfortably on. Every child is different, and you will need to make sure that you find the right bike for their level of skill and their size.

Very young children who are five or six years of age should never have a bike that is more than 50cc. This is a good size for them to learn to control the bike and to be able to get on and off the bike. This size bike weighs about 90 pounds, making it manageable for small children to use.

Older kids might be more competent, but you will still need to make sure that they are paired with a bike that will not be too powerful for them to control. You will need to look for the right balance of size, weight, and power when you are shopping for older kids.

Parent instructing young rider how to operate the dirt bike.

Which Motocross Bike is the Best?

The best motocross bike for your needs can vary based on your size and your level of experience. These are some general suggestions for kids and adults of various experience levels.

·        KTM SX 65

This is the best bike for junior racers and it makes the right fit for kids who are graduating from a smaller 50cc kid’s bike. It’s a bike that is well-made for junior racers or for fun use at the sand dunes for older tweens. This bike has a reliable two-stroke engine that will fit the needs of kids from 10 to 15 years of age, depending on their height/weight. This is a slightly expensive bike for a kid, but if racing is your plan, you will need a good bike.

2022 SX 65

·        Honda CRF110F

This is a great fun bike for a kid, especially for kids who are 8 to 10 years of age. This bike is made specifically for kids of all experience levels. This is a dependable bike and it will take care of your kid’s needs for years as they grow and gain experience.

2022 CRF 110

·        KTM 125 SX

The 125cc dirt bike is where you start to see a huge overlap in the ages of riders as it can make a great bike for older kids and smaller adults. KTM has definitely carved out its spot in the motocross world and this 2-stroke bike will last you or your teenager for years to come.

It is lightweight, has great power, and is not difficult to handle. This is a good bike to enjoy as you learn to ride motocross and gain experience with this activity. This bike also bridges the gap between beginner and more experienced riders before you decide to move on to a more powerful bike.

KTM 125 SX

·        Yamaha YZ250

This is a classic bike that is great for adults that are ready to move up from their old 125cc or just need something that better matches their larger body type. This particular 250 has a great power-to-weight ratio with its lightweight aluminum frame.

2022 YZ 250

·        Kawasaki KX450F

This 450cc four-stroke bike is very popular because it has great power, a great chassis, and is lightweight for its class. This is a very reliable bike that holds up to hours of fun and has the performance specs to make you very competitive at your next race. This bike is pricey but it is well worth the price when you consider all that you will get for the money.

2022 KX 450

The Best Dirt Bike Needs to Fit Your Goals and Your Experience

Finding the right dirt bike requires making sure that you consider your height and weight as well as your riding experience. You will want to pick a bike that is suited for all of these requirements to find the best dirt bike for your needs. Whether you are picking out a bike for racing motocross or to ride for fun and leisure, you will need to make sure that you consider all of the necessary factors to make sure that you can ride safely and have fun at the same time.

Picking the best dirt bike can be the first step toward investing in a hobby that will bring you hours of enjoyment. Make sure to pick the best bike for your body type and size and you will never stop having fun with your dirt bike!

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