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What Is the Best Dirt Bike Stand and Why?

mayo 12, 2022 6 lectura mínima

RISK Racing A.T.S. Stand in it's natural habitat at a motocross track with a dirt bike resting level on top of it.

Finding the best dirt bike stand in a market that sells tons of them can be grueling. It’s particularly challenging when you don’t know exactly what to look for.

But with proper research, you may just end up with a dirt bike stand that goes beyond your expectations.

That being said, you better take a look at the A.T.S. MX Stand as it is undoubtedly the best dirt bike stand money can buy. This innovative dirt bike stand has an adjustable deck, magnetic sides, and drain holes that make every maintenance task a piece of cake. 

You can stop worrying about keeping your entire dirt bike leveled, as the adjustable top ensures you get the angle you need at the moment you need it. 

This quality, along with its other remarkable features, makes the A.T.S. MX Stand a constant favorite among professional dirt bike riders, mechanics, and enthusiast

KTM dirt bike resting on a risk racing A.T.S. Stand

What Is the Best Dirt Bike Stand and Why? 

When it’s come to the best dirt bike stand, there’s almost no contest with Risk Racing’s A.T.S. MX Stand. It’s slick and highly functional, making it a fine choice for many dirt bike riders. 

The features you’ll find in this dirt bike stand are subtle but incredibly useful. Not one single part goes to waste when it comes to practicality. 

To get to know more about the A.T.S. MX Stand, let's explore its features:

 KX 125 built by racerx resting on a risk racing A.T.S. Motocross Stand

Adjustable Deck

One of the most exciting attributes of the A.T.S. Stand is its adjustable deck or top. 

Unlike other dirt bike stands, you get to adjust the angle of the top instead of having it fixated on a single angle that makes one wheel slightly higher than the other. 

With this feature, you can keep your bike leveled. Not only does this keep your dirt bike upright, but it also ensures that it remains balanced when you do repairs, oil changes, or refills.

 RISK Racing A.T.S. Stand boasting it's versatility and showing how the stand can adjust to match the frame angle of any dirt bike

Magnets on Both Sides

It’s always annoying when tools and parts of your dirt bike roll on the floor or just go missing all of a sudden. But you can forget about that problem if you have the A.T.S. MX Stand. 

This modern dirt bike stand has magnetic plates that cover both sides where you can just stick your wrench, pliers, and spark plug spanners along with bolts, nuts, etc. 

With that, you won’t have to deal with your materials lying on the floor or getting misplaced. You even leave them stuck on the plate if you choose to continue working on your dirt bike the following day.

RISK Racing adjustable top stand showing how the side magnets. The stand is able to hold tools to prevent loosing them while working on your bike thanks to the magnets mounted inside the stand.

Drain Hole 

The drain hole is pretty standard when it comes to dirt bike stands. It allows you to clean your dirt bike without worrying about water buildup underneath. 

Also, you can place a pan underneath to catch excess oil as it drips down through the drain hole. Nevertheless, any efficient dirt bike stand has a drain hole big enough to accommodate its purpose. 

Naturally, with the best dirt bike stand, this feature is pretty much a no-brainer. Hence, you can expect a fitting drain hole if you get the A.T.S. MX Stand.

The drain hole on the A.T.S. is on top of the stand which allows the user to drain the oil out of their bike while it's resting on the stand rather than having to lean it up against something while doing it.


Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to move your dirt bike on a stand and the entire weight and stiffness of the stand hold you back? 

Fortunately, with A.T.S. MX Stand, you won’t have the same problem. The legs of A.T.S. MX Stand is designed with convenience in mind allowing you to move the stand along with the dirt bike on it smoothly on the floor.

To see these features and benefits in action, check out this YouTube video from Kyle over at the Dirt Bike Channel:

Why Put a Dirt Bike on a Stand?  

Placing your dirt bike on a stand is not just a preference. It’s a standard practice anyone in the dirt biking field fervently follows - and for good reasons too.

For instance, a dirt bike stand keeps your dirt bike easy to maintain and well-protected from damages or mishaps such as accidental drops. But if you’re wondering how important a dirt bike stand is to any racer, check out the following benefits of a reliable stand.

Efficient Cleaning

Cleaning your dirt bike is much easier when it is on a stand. For one, it allows you to reach areas you won’t possibly clean if the dirt bike is not up off the ground and leveled correctly. 

Without putting the bike on a stand, you may miss some of the mud, grime, and dirt hidden in the interiors. Even with a high-pressure water hose, these remnants may stick if you see them all together. 

Moreover, using the A.T.S. MX Stand allows you to spin both wheels at the same time through its adjustable deck. This makes wheel and tire maintenance much easier.

Other dirt bike stands will only allow you to operate and work on one wheel at a time. This is because most dirt bike stands only get one wheel off the ground because of the way each bike is designed. So, the two wheels will have to take turns. Quite frankly, this can be time-consuming and just annoying.

On the other hand, cleaning becomes more efficient if you can have both wheels spinning. Not only does it save you more time, but it also makes it easier for you to inspect the condition of the wheels.

Speaking of wheel condition, having your dirt bike on a stand makes it smoother for you or anyone in your team to change tires. 

For example, imagine you compete and need a quick tire change. Without a stand, this will take a longer time. 

But if you had a dirt bike stand like the A.T.S. MX Stand readily available, it would make the process faster given that both wheels are suspended, and all the parts and tools you need can just stick on its magnetic sides.

Operating the adjustment bolts while working on their dirt bike on the A.T.S. Stand

Inspecting for Any Damage

Even a sturdy dirt bike isn’t completely immune from damages caused by debris flying around or collisions during an event.

This is why checking your dirt bike frequently is imperative. But it will be difficult to inspect without a reliable dirt bike stand.

With the A.T.S. MX Stand, you can easily detect physical damages as it gives you a better view of the most vital parts of the dirt bike, especially with the help of the adjustable deck.

Repairing Dirt Bike Parts

On the subject of dirt bike part damages, repairing your dirt bike has never been easy when using this stand. 

Whether replacing the exhaust and brakes, refilling coolants, changing the air filters, or repairing the fork seals, using a dirt bike stand makes it safer to perform these repairs and refills as your dirt bike remains stable and balanced.

Moreover, changing your oil also becomes a walk in the park when using a dirt bike stand. You may already know by now that neglecting an oil change can cause detrimental damage to your engine.

As a result, you’ll have to force yourself to keep this task more like a habit. And in that process, you can simply position the dirt bike on the stand so that the drain bolt is aimed at the drain hole in the stand and then just proceed with your oil change. 

This way, you get the assurance that the dirt bike remains as stable as it can be while you’re performing the oil change.  

Working on a dirt bike in a workshop. The dirt bike is on a Risk racing A.T.S. Stand

Keeping Your Dirt Bike in Storage

When not in use, your dirt bike is probably kept in your garage or a customized shed. But wherever you choose to store your bike, one thing is certain; you should always keep your bike in an upright position. 

The best way to do that is by placing your dirt bike on a dirt bike stand. This prevents any leaks or damages as your dirt bike remains unused. It also keeps the pressure off the tires and suspension.

Final Thoughts 

The best dirt bike stand comes with convenience, practicality, and efficiency that makes your life as a dirt bike rider a lot easier. 

With that premise, there’s no doubt, the A.T.S. MX Stand is a perfect choice. Its adjustable deck alone signifies innovation promising better performance and constant improvement. 

Get all the benefits of the A.T.S. MX Stand, when you get one for yourself. Order this incredible dirt bike stand right here at RiskRacing.com

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