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What Dirt Bike Should a Beginner Get? Youth and Adults

enero 28, 2022 6 lectura mínima

What Dirt Bike Should a Beginner Get? Youth and Adults

You’ve seen the hype, you’ve watched the competitions, and now you want to be a part of it. It’s easy to see why when dirt bike riding is one of the most thrilling and entertaining extreme sports in the world. But as a beginner, there are a few things you should know before getting your first dirt bike. 

Beginners should start with entry-level dirt bikes. Both the height of the seat and the engine size needs to be taken into consideration along with your age and height. Beginner bikes are considered anything less than 250 cubic centimeters (cc). 

As an unwritten rule, for beginners, you want to avoid buying a dirt bike with a larger engine size. Dirt bikes aren’t easy to ride and can take weeks, or even months to figure out and get used to. Make it easier on yourself and check out the information below on which beginner bikes would suit you best. 

Good bikes for beginner dirt bike riders

What is a Good Dirt Bike for a Beginner?

I mentioned that your age and height matter, so you’ll probably want to know why that’s a factor in dirt bikes for beginners. 

If you’re looking into beginner dirt bikes for kids, there are some pretty good options well suited for younger kids. Because kids are a lot smaller in height than adults, there are dirt bikes designed especially for kids. 

Here’s what to consider when choosing a good beginner dirt bike for a kid:

  • Your kids’ height vs the height of the bike seat. 
  • The weight of the dirt bike. 
  • Ease of the bike for maneuverability and use. 

This is a rough Size Chart of the ages, heights, seat heights, and engine sizes you can use to assist with choosing the right size dirt bike for your kids. Keep in mind, these might not be the exact measurements and you might want to seek professional opinions at a renowned bike store. 

Age Group

Likely Height Group

Seat Height

Engine Size

3 - 6

35in – 43in


50cc MAX

5 - 8



50cc – 110cc

7 – 9



50cc – 110cc

8 – 10




10 - 12



110cc – 125cc

And here you will find a list of some of the best dirt bikes for kids at the beginning of their dirt bike journey:

Yamaha TTR-50E

Manufactured and built for smaller kids, the TTR-50E is the perfect electric push start beginner bike to get your kid feeling the thrills of dirt bike riding. Designed specifically for younger beginners wanting to get a feel for dirt bike riding.

  • 49cc
  • Automatic
  • 128lb (58kg)
Dirt bike for young rider

KX-65 Kawasaki

Self-labeled, and rightfully so, at Kawasaki for its small size, but big performance. Younger but maybe slighter taller kids can gain the experience they need on this beginner bike to take them to a more competitive level of riding. 

  • 64cc
  • 2-stroke, 6-speed transmission
  • 132lb (59kg)
Dirt bike for Intermediate young rider

Honda CRF-125F 

Honda has designed this Big Wheel bike for younger but possibly much taller kids who need the right bike to learn in but need the right bike size to fit on. As Honda advises on their website, you wouldn’t ride a bike that doesn’t fit, and size is everything. 

  • 124.9cc
  • 4-stroke single cylinder
  • 199lbs (90kg)
Beginner trail bike

What is the best Dirt Bike for a Beginner Adult?

Looking for a beginner dirt bike on behalf of yourself? It’s never too late to start riding, whether it’s for the simple pleasure and joys of riding or to try your hand at competitive riding. We will warn you though that many of the top champs have been riding since they could walk. 

Beginner bikes for adults have the same height conditions as the bikes for children do. You’ll want to consider the following:

  • Your height vs the height of the bike seat.
  • Your weight on the dirt bike.
  • The weight of the dirt bike and your fitness levels. 

Dirt bikes might look like they don't weigh that much, but they can be heavy. The bigger the engine size, the bigger the bike. And more often than not, the bigger the bike, the heavier the bike. 

Think about the heaviness of the bike if you’re not used to lifting heavy items on a regular basis. You will be sore, you will be tired, your muscles will ache, and you might get discouraged. But it’s all worth it when you feel the wind whipping through your hair on your first successful dirt bike ride. 

Check out this list of some of the best beginner dirt bikes for adults:

 Kawasaki KLX140G

The ideal entry-level dirt bike into off-road riding. A great beginner bike with a lightweight design and front and rear brakes, your track confidence should only get better with practice. Remember you still need to practice even if you do have the best bike for learning.

  • 144cc
  • Push-button electric start
  • 218.2lbs (98kg)
Adult beginner trail bike

Yamaha TT-R230

Much like its smaller beginner model for kids, the Yamaha TT-R230 is maybe one of the perfect beginner bikes for adults. Easy maintenance, easy to ride with a great handling design, and built for strength. 

Plus, Yamaha is a renowned and trusted brand that always seems to have great-looking bikes. 

  • 223cc
  • 4-stroke, 6-speed
  • 251lbs (113kg)
Dirt bike


Maybe you’ve had some practice before now and are seeking a bike that has a little bit more power? In that case, you don’t want to miss checking out the KTM 150XCW. With its lightweight frame and ability to stabilize at high speeds, the KTM offers the right beginners a speedy acceleration to the intermediate zone. 

  • 150cc
  • Kick and electric starter, 6-speed
  • 213lbs (96kg)

How Do I Choose My First Dirt Bike?

With any of the above beginner dirt bikes, your chances of going wrong are slim. But that doesn’t mean there won’t necessarily be any drawbacks or issues. That’s why we highly recommend choosing a dirt bike that’s right for your height, weight, budget, and comfort. 

Here’s what NOT to do when choosing a dirt bike:

  • Don’t buy a dirt bike simply because it’s fast
  • Don’t buy a dirt bike with a seat too high for you to reach comfortably
  • Avoid buying a bike because it looks cool
  • Resist the urge to get the same bike as your friend has, it might not be the right fit for you
  • Let the sales rep talk you into buying something you can’t afford

Do your research, there are plenty of second-hand bikes around that will start you off as a beginner just fine. I suggest steering clear of expensive brand-new bikes until you’ve had some practice and know for certain that dirt biking is something you’d like to practice regularly and continue long term. 

Motocross gear

Tips for Beginners

I think it’s only right that we give you a few tips to help you out at the beginning of your dirt bike journey. As a rider myself, there are plenty of mistakes I have made over time and continued to learn from until practice made, almost perfect. 

Here are a few tips that beginners might find come in handy on and off the track:

  • Go at your own pace
  • Slow down if you’re nervous
  • Warmups are important to keep your body prepared 
  • Stay hydrated. Yes, you’re sitting on a seat, but the exertion of using your strength and brainpower will catch up with you 
  • Walk the circuit before you ride it
  • Never ridden before? Don’t start alone, seek professional guidance. 
  • You’ll need to consider transportation for bikes that aren’t road legal. 
  • Don’t lay your bike down.
  • Perform a cool-down before sitting down and resting after your ride. 
  • Learn basic mechanics to keep your bike maintained. 

No matter what bike you decide on, you’ll want a good way to transport your bike. Considering that most dirt bikes will need to be hauled to their playground of choice, we’ve got a transport system that will come in handy to secure it to your truck or trailer. Check out the Lock N Load Pro here. 

Strapless Moto-Transport System

You’ll also want a good way to rest your bike either for when it’s not in use or for performing regular maintenance on your bike. Here at Risk racing, we’ve designed and built a ride-on stand perfect for all levels of riders to just simply push or ride the bike onto the stand. No heavy lifting required. Check it out here.

Ride-On Lift


Starting your dirt bike adventure can be as easy as buying a bike and hitting the track. But be prepared for drawbacks and discouragement. If you want to pursue dirt bike riding, learn, and become better at riding, you’ll want to consider the right size bike for you as a beginner. Follow the above guidance, consult with professionals for advice, and I’ll see you on the pro track in no time. 


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