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How do You Become a Pro Motocross Rider?

enero 11, 2022 5 lectura mínima

How do You Become a Pro Motocross Rider?

Are you delving into the world of motocross and want to know how to go further in a motocross career? Many before you have asked the same question, “How do you become a pro motocross rider?” and many will ask the question after you too. 

To become a professional motocross rider, you need to be dedicated, persistent, and talented. Motocross racing is a competitive field to get into and only the best riders will excel to the professional level of racing dirt bikes as a career. 

Believe you have or you know someone that has what it takes to go pro in the motocross industry? It’s hard, but it’s not impossible. All the pros had to start somewhere before they made it to the top. Read further on to find out more about professional motocross racing and what you can do to get there. 


How Hard is it to Become a Pro Motocross Rider?

Just because you love riding, doesn’t mean you’re going to go pro one day. I’m not going to be a dream killer though and I’m going to assume you’re here because you believe you have what it takes. Which means I believe you have what it takes too. 

Getting yourself into the professional world of motocross racing isn’t easy, but obviously, for the right rider, it can be done. If you think you have what it takes, continue reading to find out what steps you need to take to get there. 

Throughout our time at Risk Racing, we’ve seen a lot of people go pro, some we thought they would, others we didn’t see it coming. So yes, you can go pro, and some won’t even see you coming when you race through those finish lines one after the other, making your way up the ranks to the pro tracks. 

Pro motocross

Here’s what you’re going to need to get into the pro leagues:

Set a goal for every race. 

If you’re not reaching the goal, something needs to change. If you are reaching the goal, set higher goals and keep improving. There is always room for improvement. 

Get your fitness right. 

It takes a lot of strength and endurance to be a motocross rider, are you fit and strong enough to handle your bike and the harsh maneuvers on the track? Contemplate a fitness plan to keep you on track, on and off the trail. 

Listen to your coach

Don’t have a coach? You might want to consider getting yourself a coach or at least talking to someone who was a professional racer and now teaches. See what they have to say, hire them for a lesson and go from there. You might not even know the little bad habits you have picked up until an advanced rider informs you. 

Maintain your bike

Humans don’t perform very well when they’re not feeling their best. It’s the same for a bike. Keep your bike well maintained, so that together, you work as one and you have peace of mind on the track that your bike is in tip-top condition.

Dirt Bike Maintenance 

Determination, persistence, and patience

Don’t beat yourself up if you lose a race. It just means you need to work harder next time. And if you want to go pro, there will be a next time. Enter as many races as you can, learn what you can, and take it all in every time you win or lose. There is always knowledge to be gained and improvements to be made. 

When Can You Go Pro in Motocross?

Almost every professional rider in motocross had to go through the amateur ranks to get to where they are today. 

Obtain the following and you can go pro in motocross:

Must be 16 years old

Kids under the age of 16 have competitions and events for their age groups. They can’t, however, be professional until at least the age of 16. 

Must hold an American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) license

To race in AMA-sanctioned events, you must hold an AMA license. Without one, you can’t race. 

Gain required points

If you’ve gained 60 points within an 18-month timeframe in AMA Pro-Am Motocross events, you can apply to excel in the pro races within the AMA. Got your points? Maybe you’re ready for pros! Check out the point system here. 

What Steps Can I Take to go Pro in Motocross?

First and foremost, the number one step to take to go pro in motocross is ensuring you have the correct safety gear. You might want a dirt bike to ride too, but hopefully, you already have that if you’re considering going pro. 

All jokes aside, if this is the path you want to take in motocross, you need to consider the steps to take to get there. 

Have decent safety gear

Riding in professional motocross is no easy feat. It’s challenging, competitive, and dangerous. Prevent injury to yourself by getting the right safety gear and getting quality riding gear

MX Gear

Get your AMA license

All riders wanting to compete in AMA motocross must have an American Motorcyclists Association (AMA) membership. You cannot ride in AMA events without being a member of the AMA. And you can’t get points to advance forward into the pro leagues if you don’t race in AMA-sanctioned events. 


Try to remember, there are other riders out there who are just as, or more so, dedicated than you are. You need to practice and practice often to get better, stronger, and faster. Practice might not make perfect, because perfect isn’t usually achievable, but practicing regularly will make you a better rider. 

Practicing on different terrain will also benefit your riding skills and abilities to handle different track styles. Not all races will be on the same terrain. They’re all different, some harsher than others with steep hill climbs and sharp turns, others are bumpier. Either way, get out on different fields and terrain to get yourself better at the different tracks you’ll be racing on.

Practice your starts! Every race awards a handful of riders with a huge advantage by being the first few racers to enter that first turn. This advantage can be practiced if you have the right equipment. Here at Risk Racing, we’ve designed a personal race starting gate that is just like the real thing at the track so you can really dial in your holeshots. It even has a wireless handlebar-mounted activation button with a random timer delay.

Starting Gate

Get a coach

We mentioned it before, if you don’t have a coach, consider getting one or hiring a seasoned professional for a session. You’ll want to know their thought on your riding abilities, any bad habits you have, and of course, how you can improve. 

Read the competition rule book

Are you up to scratch with all the rules in motocross? Are you 100% sure? Check out the AMA rule book here and read it twice so you know you haven’t missed anything. It would be heartbreaking for you to get on the track, think you’re doing an ace job in the lead, but have broken a rule that you didn’t know about, and find you’ve been disqualified. Avoid that situation, read the rules. 


Enter as many races as you can. To proceed to the pro-level in AMA you need 60 points in AMA-sanctioned events. Without those points, you won’t be able to enter professional races. The more races you enter and place in a high enough position that you obtain points to your name, the closer you are to riding pro. 



It’s not going to be an easy ride into the pro-level tracks of motocross racing. Dirt bike riding is exhilarating, and you’re not the only one who’s noticed. You will be competing against hundreds of other racers throughout your career to make it to a spot on the professional track. 

Work hard, be consistent with your training, it’s a challenging dream you’ve chosen, but an achievable one if you take the challenge on headfirst… with a helmet on of course.

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