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Do You Need Insurance for Motocross?

diciembre 13, 2021 5 lectura mínima

Do You Need Insurance for Motocross?

It’s no question that motocross tracks are some of the most exciting places you can ride your dirt bike. 

But as electrifying it may seem, you can’t deny the fact that motocross competitions can become a hub for accidents and injuries. That’s why it’s no surprise people are asking if motocross needs insurance.

Insurance for motocross is considered an optional personal choice. Motocross organizers are not so keen about imposing dirt bike insurance, but generally, it is recommended to secure some. Nevertheless, even without insurance, you can still join any motocross competition.

With regard to safety, organizers provide strict guidelines on protective gears and a comprehensive assessment of the competitors’ expertise and experience.

If you’re wondering how important insurance is for motocross and how to get some for yourself, stick around as we walk you through the details.

Motocross injury

Can I Insure My Motocross Bike?

Yes, you can get insurance for your motocross bike and yourself as a rider.

Dirt bikes used in motocross sports are often more expensive than average off-road motorcycles. After all, competitive sports like motocross are participated by professional riders. 

Not to mention there’s a hefty cash prize and other opportunities and rewards that come with winning the competition at some levels.

Hence, it is expected that riders will invest a lot in their dirt bike and the accessories needed for the sport.

However, one problem with this norm is that dirt bikes are subjected to different levels of damage on the tracks. 

Plus, considering the staggering price of most dirt bikes, there’s always the probability of the vehicle being stolen.

Do You Need Insurance for Motocross?

Although insurance for motocross competitions is not mandatory, it is still a wise decision to get yourself a policy.

Motocross racing is not exactly for the faint-hearted. In fact, it’s a daredevil’s playhouse considering the features that you'll typically find on a motocross track.

Simply put, motocross may be a thrilling sporting event, but it is also incredibly dangerous.  

Motocross riding

Check some of the statistical data involving dirt bike riding and motocross racing.


Why Should You Secure Motocross Insurance?

Generally, you should secure insurance to protect yourself from the overwhelming financial constraints of injuries, theft, and accidental damages.

Motocross competitions can be a melting pot for these incidents. Therefore, protecting yourself from lawsuits and piles of medical bills is the best thing to do.

Here are incidents where motocross insurance becomes handy.

1.       You had a collision with another motocross competitor.

Whether you’re practicing, warming up, or racing during the actual competition, accidents such as colliding with other competitors can occur. These accidents cause physical injuries such as broken collarbone, ligaments separation, broken wrists and ankles, and shoulder dislocation.

Having motocross insurance or health insurance that covers these injuries, whether sustained by you or another rider, will help you spend less on medical bills.

2.       You experienced an accident while riding freestyle.

Freestyle motocross involves a lot of gravity-defying stunts and maneuvers that require precision. Otherwise, it would cause injuries and, in some cases, fatal impact.

Research has supported the claims that freestyle motocross is a high-risk sport. The fate of FMX racer Jeremy Lusk remains as a caution on the dangers of freestyle motocross stunts.

While performing and trying to land a backflip, Lusk had a mishap that led to fatal head damage.

freestyle motocross

3.       You inadvertently hit some spectators.

While organizers ensure that the distance between the crowd and the tracks is long enough to guarantee safety, there is still a slight chance that you might encounter an accident involving the audience.

Although this may seem less likely, it is still helpful to always stay prepared, especially against lawsuits and fines.

4.       Your dirt bike was stolen.

If your dirt bike is incredibly expensive, you can have it insured in case it sustains heavy damages or gets stolen. That way, you don’t have to worry about taking a complete loss if your insurance covers it.

How Much Is Insurance on a Dirt Bike?

Dirt bike insurances are not uniform for all riders. Several factors have to be considered. These include riding history, dirt bike model and value, the state where you are living, etc.

Nonetheless, you can get dirt bike insurance for as low as $88 yearly. You may have to pay more if you opt for a specific supplement in the coverage. With this affordable dirt bike insurance, you get standard coverage.

For example, with Progressive’s dirt bike insurance, you get full dirt bike replacement without depreciation in parts, customization or restoration of your bike, bodily injury and property damage liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, medical payments, and comprehensive and collision coverage.

Arena Cross

Standard Dirt Bike Insurance Coverage

Motocross Insurance

This type of insurance is specially drafted for riders who join racing competitions. Unlike a standard motorcycle policy, this type of insurance has no minimum liability limit.

General Liability

This coverage will guarantee that your insurance provider will pay for any expenses of the other party in the event that an accident such as a collision ensued. Typically, it encompasses property damage and physical injury.

Medical Coverage

If you have sustained injuries while performing stunts, tricks, and maneuvers during the race, you don’t need to worry about medical payment as your insurance has it covered.

Comprehensive Coverage

If your policy has comprehensive coverage, you can expect full replacement or repair during disasters. Comprehensive coverage also has expanded scope involving theft, fire, and flooding.

Can You Insure an Unregistered Bike?

If you’re using your dirt bike in public areas and you wish to have it insured, then you will need to register it first.

On the other hand, if you’re sticking to off-road tracks, registering your bike may not be mandatory to get insurance.

However, these rules are guided by state laws, and they can vary. Therefore, it is essential to learn what your state requires prior to getting dirt bike insurance.

Keeping Yourself Protected When Riding a Motocross Bike

Getting motocross insurance is a safety net when your first layer of protection fails. And by that, we mean securing the proper gear and equipment when riding a dirt bike.

While it is beneficial to have your dirt bike insured, it is still imperative to strengthen your protection through these practical ways.

1.       Wear a DOT-approved helmet.

Motocross competitions provide specifications when it comes to the appropriate helmet for the competition.

Surely, you can’t simply use a regular street motorcycle helmet. Nonetheless, it is crucial to prioritize the form, quality, and comfort of the helmet to secure protection during the event.

2.       Ensure that you wear full riding gear.

This includes the appropriate long-sleeved jersey and pantsgogglesgloves and palm protectors, knee pads, chest protector, and proper boots.  

Motocross protective gearMotocross gear

3.       Check your dirty bike for damages before and after the race.

Riding a dirt bike in poor condition can be a dangerous decision. You may have your chain snap in the middle of the competition, throwing you off your dirt bike.

Therefore, you have to make sure that every single part of your dirt bike is functioning optimally before and after the competition.

Motocross work stand

In a Nutshell

Your safety and protection should always come first, especially when a dangerous sport is involved. 

As thrilling as motocross racing is, you won’t get to enjoy it or further yourself in it if you have to deal with the aftermaths of unfortunate incidents.

Therefore, having insurance for you and your dirt bike is probably the wisest financial decision you’ll ever make. Not only does it cover any financial burden in the event that you get involved in accidents on the racetrack, but it also helps you recover faster physically and mentally.

If you’re planning on getting a dirt bike or motocross insurance, don’t forget to check your state’s regulations regarding coverage. 

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